Dresden Derby Days - 2019 - Purple Edition

Monique Schott | 25.-26.05.2019 |   Roller Derby | Trainingslager
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Dresden Derby Days 2019 – Purple Edition female

It’s on again – do you want to spend an incredibly fun weekend on and off skates?
This year we will be hosting another PURPLE bootcamp in Dresden. After we opened the bootcamp season in early in January with our Purple Edition All Gender, we will now host another PURPLE EDITION FEMALE. It is a beginner bootcamp for skaters without MST or skaters recently passed their MST.

Here are the details:
Coaches: Our very own Dresden Pioneers (1. Bundesliga & Team Germany)

Date: 25.05. & 26.05.2019

Location: Sports Center Motor Mickten, Dresden (Pestalozziplatz 20, 01127 Dresden)

Level: Fresh Meat/Rookies, Beginners (post and pre MST)

Fee: 80,00€

Accomodation: There are lots of good and affordable hostels around in Dresden-Neustadt (post code 01097 or 01099).

Catering: 1 hot lunch each day and dinner on Saturday are included. Coffee, Tea, Water, fruits & snacks will be provided throughout both days for free. We will sell additional drinks on Saturday evening.

The final schedule will be announced at the bootcamp, but we will offer:
> a whole lot of skating classes (footwork, strategy, blocking, jamming, pivoting)
> mental and strategy classes off skates
> scrimmages or similar on Sunday will be decided spontaneously by our coaches (due to skating level)
> fun leisure time activities

Please note:
1. Spots are limited! First come, first serve
2. After you signed in via this form and the registration deadlined expired, we will get in touch with you, providing the payment informations. AFTER paying for your spot you will receive a final confirmation.

Registration Deadline:

Application Link:https://podio.com<wbr />/webforms<wbr />/18083822<wbr />/1214767

We are looking forward to a great derby-packed weekend!
Roller Derby Dresden