Dresden Derby Days 2018 - Purple Edition #2

Monique Schott | 30.06.-01.08.2018 09:00 - 17:00 |   Roller Derby | Trainingslager


It’s on again – do you want to spend an incredibly fun weekend on and off skates?
Here are the details:

Coaches: Our very own Dresden Pioneers (1. Bundesliga) coaches Bloody Biachotti #29 (Jammer Dresden Pioneers, Team Germany Training Squad), Coffin Cutie #77 (Jammer & Captain Dresden Pioneers, Team Germany Training Squad), Sgt. Sunshine #09 (Jammer & Pivot Dresden Pioneers), Trash Tourette (Jammer & Pivot Dresden Pioneers, Team Germany Training Squad) #76

Support: Fitness Coach Kurly Push #27 (Blocker Dresden Pioneers), Fitness Coach Mr. T. (Bench Coach Dresden Pioneers, Team Germany Training Squad Men), Official Banana Joe (Ref Dresden Pioneers), Peppalotta Panic (Line Up Managerin Dresden Pioneers)

Date: 30.06. & 01.07.2018
Location: Sports Center Motor Mickten, Dresden (Pestalozziplatz 20, 01127 Dresden)
Level: Fresh Meat/Rookies, Beginners (post and pre MST)
Fee: 70,00€

Accomodation: You will have to book accommodation by yourself but we will provide you with suitable hostel-contacts and rates, so you have an idea where to go.

Catering: 1 hot lunch each day and dinner on Saturday are included. Coffee, Tea, Water, fruits & snacks will be provided throughout both days for free. We will sell additional drinks on Saturday evening.

The final schedule will be announced at the bootcamp, but we will offer:
- a whole lot of skating classes (footwork, strategy, blocking, jamming, pivoting)
- mental and strategy classes off skates
- scrimmages or similar on Sunday will be decided spontaneously by our coaches (due to skating level)
- fun leisure time activities

There are around 10 more spots available!

Register here (registrations opens 19th of April)

We are looking forward to a great derby-packed weekend!
Roller Derby Dresden